Event Details & Application Method:                
1    The weekly rebate period will begin at Monday 00:00:00 (GMT +8) and end at Sunday 23:59:59 (GMT +8).      
2    All rebates payout will be credited into your main wallet automatically before 18:00:00 (GMT+8) every Monday.    


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>= MYR 1

Terms & Conditions:            
1   The Rebate Bonus is calculated based on the total valid bets a member gathers between 00:00 and 23:59 weekly.         
2   The Rebate Bonus is calculated by multiplying the total valid bets with the percentage of the rebate (Total Valid Bets X Rebate %).
Example: Member A gathers RM500,000 worth of total valid bets in a Casino game room in a day. The percentage of the rebate is 0.85%. Therefore, Member A will receive a Rebate Bonus worth RM4,250 (RM500,000 x 0.85%).
3   The system will automatically settle the Rebate Bonus a member and distribute it in full to a member's account on every Monday at 18:00.
Example: The system will automatically distributes the Rebate Bonus (Monday - Sunday) accordingly to Member A's account valid turnover on every Monday 18:00.
4   The minimum amount of Rebate Bonus a member is RM1. If the Rebate Bonus is less than RM1, the system will automatically forfeit the rebate payout.      
5    The valid bets a member gathers from other promotions will not be entitled to the Rebate Bonus. Only valid bets gathered AFTER the unlocking of the game room are eligible for the Rebate Bonus.       
6    Games that are NOT eligible for the Rebate Bonus are:
[Casino] All Live Blackjack (21) and Live Roulette video games.
[Slots] All Video Poker, Table, Arcade, Fishing, multi-spin Slots, Lucky God Progressive 2, Golden Tour, Ugga Bugga, Liu Fu Shou, Video poker, and double-bonus Slots offered by any slot game room, plus games in 918Kiss, MEGA888 and PUSSY88. (EXCEPT Arcade and Social games in APOLLO slot game room, which are applicable for the Rebate Bonus.)
[Lottery] 4D game room, Lottery game room, and all bets from SABAH KENO and lottery.
[Sports] All invalid, draw, cancelled, both-side (with a betting slip) bets, and those of which odds lower than 1.70 (Europe odds), 0.70 (Malaysia odds), 0.70 (China/Hong Kong odds), -1.20 (Indonesia odds), -120 (America odds), and other non-sports bets will be counted as valid bets. (The rebates for Greybound racing, Numbers game, etc., are not included)

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